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Helpful Tips To Keep Your Thread Gage In Good Condition

If you want to be able to determine the right screws or other fasteners to use in pretty much any situation, you might find that you will need to use a thread gage. Of course, you might want to invest in one thread gage that you can keep on hand and use for a long time. You should be able to keep your thread gage in good condition if you follow the tips below.

Buy a Good-Quality Thread Gage

As is the case when buying various tools and equipment for use in your business, quality does matter when you're buying thread gages. If you go ahead and purchase a good-quality thread gage now, you can hopefully continue to use it for years to come.

Be Sure to Use the Right Thread Gage for the Job

Next, you should be sure to use the right thread gage for the job. Although the whole point of using a thread gage is so that you can determine what size your fittings should be, you should be able to get a decent idea of which thread gage is going to fit properly. You should avoid forcing your thread gage into too-small holes, for example; after all, this can both strip out the hole and cause problems, and it can damage your thread gage, too. This is especially true if you do this on a daily basis. Therefore, you may want to think about buying multiple thread gages in multiple sizes. Then, you can always have a thread gage of the proper size on hand.

Store Them in the Right Environment

You might not think it really matters how you store your thread gage, since you might think it will hold up well regardless. However, you should be aware that metal can be changed from extreme temperatures, so you'll want to avoid extreme temperatures when storing your thread gage. Additionally, you should make sure that you avoid storing your thread gages in a humid environment and that you should try to keep them nice and dry.

Keep Them Clean

Thread gages that aren't kept clean can be more at risk of becoming rusty or corroded. It's important to keep your thread gages nice and clean so that they last longer and so that they are always ready for use.

Keep Them Lubricated

Lastly, if you want your thread gages to be protected from unnecessary damage, and if you're hoping that your thread gages will work easily, then you should make sure that you keep them properly lubricated.