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Great Tips For Using Scaffolds Safely

If you're working on a scaffold in order to elevate your height, then it's paramount that you're as safe as possible. You can feel much better about this when you take time to utilize the following safety advice.

Select the Right One

A huge part of being safe when using any sort of scaffold is choosing the right one that's completely compatible with what you plan on doing. For instance, if you know you'll need to move the scaffold around, getting one with wheels at the bottom can save you from exerting a lot of energy and potentially injuring your back.

Or if you know you'll be working pretty high up in the air, a stable frame and tall side rails are features that can vastly improve your safety.

Assessing your particular work site and operations is the best way to choose a fully compatible scaffold the first time. 

Perform a Thorough Inspection Prior to Using

Before you ever step foot on the scaffold and use it for a particular work project, it's highly recommended to thoroughly examine it. You need to see exactly what condition it's in before putting your full weight on it.

Start with just a general inspection of the entire unit. Does it look structurally sound and free of rust? Also examine the features on the scaffold. They need to work flawlessly too so that you can use this structure without any issues happening.

If you notice potential problems with the scaffold's structure or performance, get a different one just to be safe. You then won't have any lingering doubts. 

Invest in a Fall-Protection Harness

Even if you're pretty accustomed to working on scaffolds that are high up in the air, it's still a good idea to protect yourself in the event of accidentally falling over the side.

You can do just that by getting a fall-protection safety harness. It can support your weight even if you slip or fall over the edge of the scaffold. The harness will keep you from hitting the ground, which would be a devastating and potentially even life-threatening accident. 

Scaffolds are extremely helpful for a lot of work projects today, like painting and cleaning exterior siding. However, if you plan on using one, make sure you read up on helpful safety protocol. You can then use the scaffold with added confidence and circumvent devastating accidents. 

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