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Six Signs That You Need To Replace The Impeller Or Screen Of Your Comil Equipment

One of the most important things you need to do to keep your Comil equipment well maintained is to replace your unit's impeller and/or screen when necessary.

There are numerous scenarios that indicate it's time to replace your impeller or screen. You need to know how to recognize them. The following are six signs that you need to replace the impeller or screen of your Comil equipment. 

The run time of equipment increases without explanation

Run time for your equipment should remain constant as long as all of the components of your Comil equipment are in good operating order. Increasing run times reduce productivity and could indicate a worsening malfunction within your equipment. 

If the run time increases, it's very likely that your impeller or screen is malfunctioning and needs to be replaced. 

Holes develop in your screen and get filled up with materials.

Over time, screen blinding can occur in impeller and screen components of Comil equipment. This is a situation where holes develop in the screen and get filled up with the work material. When this happens, the screen needs to be replaced to remedy the problem. 

Space develops between the impeller and screen on your equipment.

The screen of your equipment should fit in snugly right behind the impeller. If there is a widening space between the two, both components may need to be replaced. 

The operating temperature increases without explanation.

Any unexplained, significant increase in operating temperature is an indication that your equipment is malfunctioning. You should inspect your impeller and screen to determine why things are heating up when your equipment is operating.

Increasing temperatures could indicate that components like your impeller and screen are getting out of position. You need to find the cause of the increasing temperatures because overheating can lead to increased wear and tear on your machinery over time that prematurely ages equipment. 

Product particles are getting increasingly more fine.

Pay close attention over time to the particle size distribution of your product. If you notice that the size distribution is starting to include increasingly more fine particles, you probably need to have a new impeller and screen installed. 

Irregularities are visible in the hole forms within the screen. 

Sometimes, irregularities become visible on the screen. This is going to lead to irregularities in product shape and size. This is an indication of screen damage. Whenever you notice visible irregularities in the screen holes, you need to replace your screen to fix the problem.