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How To Get An Accurate Fit For Your Thermoplastic Pipe Hangers

Thermoplastic pipe hangers are key in installing pipes along walls and ceilings. These pipe hangers can withstand any temperature, allowing you to hang and mount pipes meant for chilled or boiling liquids. The only thing you need to know is how to measure your pipes to get a proper fit for the hangers you will need. Here is how to do just that. 

Measure Halfway Around the Outside of the Pipe

Most pipes will supply you with the diameter of the pipe, but that really does not tell you the circumference of the pipe. There is a lot of material thickness between the interior diameter of the pipe and the exterior circumference. Ergo, take a dressmaker's tape measure or a piece of string and wrap it around the outside of the pipe. The dressmaker's tape measure will automatically give you the circumference in inches, while the string will need to be marked and measured on a sliding tape measure after you take it off the pipe. Then divide the measurement in half to get the area measurement around which the pipe hanger will have to hold. 

Make Accommodations for How the Pipe Will Be Hung

Are you mounting the pipe directly to a wall and running it horizontally or vertically? Or maybe you are hanging it from the ceiling. It does make a difference because wall-mounted pipe hangers need a little extra to make the stretch to the wall before they can be screwed or bolted in.

When you hang pipes from the ceiling, you need a slightly different model of pipe hanger that allows the pipes a few inches of clearance from the ceiling so that hot liquids do not transfer excess heat to the ceiling of the building. Extra inches are necessary to hang pipes from the ceiling, while only an inch or less is really necessary for wall mounts. Add these extra units of measurement to the inches you acquired when you measured out half the circumference of the pipes you want to hang or wall-mount. 

Still Not Sure? Ask a Company Pro

If you have measurements in hand but none of the available pipe hanger sizes seem to be quite right, ask a company associate. They can help you figure out what the best hanger product is for your needs. It might have to go a bit larger or a bit smaller, but it will work.